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Sometimes things don’t go as planned – careers, relationships, finances – and we need a second chance. In our next series, “Do Over”, we’re talking about some practical ways you can ensure this time doesn’t have to be like the last time. God has as many chances for you as you have mistakes.

Part 1 – “You Have Value”
Each January, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. And isn’t a New Year’s resolution really a “Do Over”. Pastor Jeremy DeWeerdt talks how God doesn’t require doing a thing over until it’s perfect; it’s about becoming a do-over. And you are the perfect candidate for a “Do Over”.

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Part 2 – “Getting Clarity”
Jesus never expects you to be holy before you start a relationship with Him. In fact, He doesn’t expect you to believe in Him before you start a relationship with Him. He invited his disciples to follow Him, to walk with Him and get close to Him. That process of getting close to Jesus caused them to believe He was their savior and that clarified everything for them.

Closeness with Jesus brings clarity. In this message, Pastor Jeremy discusses how to cultivate closeness with Jesus.

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Part 3 – “Be A Bouncer”
In Part 3 of “Do Over”, we talked about how in order to change our life, we need to change our thoughts. In other, we need to start thinking about what we’re thinking about!

In her message, Jen DeWeerdt highlights the book “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer as a helpful resource to get your mind and thoughts on the right track. Do yourself a favor and spend $10 to get this book and use it as a guide to have a do over in your thought-life!

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Part 4 – “Growing Forward”
The area of personal growth can often be shoved onto the back burner of a busy life. No one wants to spend day after day running on the hamster wheel of business without growth! Listen in as Pastor Jeremy speaks about the law of sowing and reaping, personal discipline and personal growth.

Part 5 – “Do You Have Money or Does Money Have You?”
Guest speaker and friend to Rockford First, Pastor Mike Bodine, shares that when we give with our finances, it tethers our hearts to Jesus.

Part 6 – “Everyday Preacher”
When our identity is in our work, we are set up for frustration; our work cannot ever answer the question:  “Who am I?”   However, when we allow our work to be a place where we can live out our identity in Christ, we become everyday preachers.  Join in as Pastor Jeremy explores the difference between earning God’s love through good work, and showing God’s love through good work.

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