Current Message: Family Circus

Whether you’re single, engaged, married, divorced, with kids, or without kids, we all come from a family and are all part of a family. At times, those families can feel like a three-ring circus! In this series, we’ll talk about how to navigate some of the issues that come with any family and give you some tips to help you get a handle on the craziness.

Part 1 – “Having The Family You’ve Always Wanted”
All families can be a circus at times!  In the middle of what can often be chaos are opportunities for the deepest kind of love.  In this first message of the series, Pastor Jeremy speaks honestly about the hurt we can experience within our families…but about not letting it stop there.

Part 2 – “Life-Giving Families”
In honor of Mother’s Day, Pastor Jen DeWeerdt shares some challenging thoughts on how we can all have life giving families.

Part 3 – “Functionally Dysfunctional”
God desires to bless your family! He loves you and your family and He would love nothing more than to bless you! In this message Pastor Jeremy reveals what our part is in the relationship of blessing that God desires to have with each of us.

Part 4 – “Missio Dei”
No matter how your family began, no matter who is involved and who isn’t involved, no matter the size of the party, God has a plan, a purpose, and a mission for your family! In this message, Pastor Jeremy talks about living out God’s mission for your family.

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