Leadership Team

  • jer
  • Jeremy DeWeerdt

  • Jeremy DeWeerdt serves as the Senior Pastor of Rockford First, a church that is focused on three simple priorities: Lovi...
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  • jen
  • Jen DeWeerdt

  • Jen DeWeerdt serves with her husband, Jeremy, in the leadership of Rockford First. She is honored to play a key role in...
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  • lisa
  • Lisa Seaton

  • Lisa Seaton serves as the Creative Director at Rockford First. Lisa’s primary role is to oversee the ministry of the c...
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  • bob
  • Bob Taylor

  • Bob Taylor oversees the Pastoral Care ministries of Rockford First and is primarily focused on taking care of those in n...
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  • betsy
  • Betsy Frost

  • Betsy Frost serves as Director of Rockford First Kids, which includes KidsLife (3rd-5th grades) K2 (K-2nd grades) Akoloo...
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  • jeff
  • Jeff Frost

  • Jeff Frost serves as the Campus Pastor for Christian Life Middle and High School. Jeff was born in Pontiac, Michigan, an...
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  • JonRush
  • Jon Rush

  • Jon Rush serves as the High School Youth Pastor at Rockford First, leading the youth culture with a contagious passion a...
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  • garret
  • Garret Balcitis

  • Garret Balcitis serves as the Middle School Youth Pastor at Rockford First and is a Rockford area native, born in Roscoe...
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  • adam
  • Adam Seaton

  • Adam Seaton serves as the Connections Pastor of Rockford First, where we're all about sharing the journey. It is Adam's...
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  • carriesmith
  • Carrie Smith

  • Carrie Smith serves as the Elementary Principal at Christian Life Schools and is a Rockford native. Carrie earned her...
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  • mike-hoekstra
  • Mike Hoekstra

  • Michael Hoekstra serves as the Middle & High School Principal at Christian Life Schools. Mike is a Rockford native and a...
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  • lance
  • Lance Vistine

  • Lance serves as the Co-Director of Focus One, formerly the “Rockford Master’s Commission.” Focus One is a one-year...
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  • beth
  • Beth Vistine

  • Beth Vistine serves as Co-Director of Focus One, a one year program for high school graduates to truly focus on their re...
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  • john
  • John Diehl

  • John Diehl serves as the General Manager at Christian Life Retirement Center Group. In his position, John is able to ...
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