Thanks for your interest in the Rockford First Internship Program. It is our desire not only to provide a path for ministry training and experience, but also opportunity for personal and spiritual growth to each person who enters the Internship Program.

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Each department has four areas of emphasis:

Spiritual Growth

While we desire to see you grow and develop in your gifts and talents, it is our goal that upon completion of your internship, you will be more like Christ than when you started. Through prayer, study, chapel services, etc. you will be challenged and equipped for Christ-like living.


No one was meant to do life alone. As an intern, you will be able to connect not only with your department head or staff member, but also with other Rockford First interns to develop accountability partnerships, engage in honest conversations, and create opportunities to “do life together.”


  • Inside: As a part of your internship, you will be exposed to and trained in the technical areas that go hand-in-hand with your specific department (video production, lighting design, administrative skills, sermon development) while also being involved in the overall ministries of Rockford First (national conferences, volunteer opportunities, and more).
  • Outside: As an intern, you will participate in at least one ministerial trip each year. Possibilities include conferences, church visits, mission’s trips, etc.


A variety of opportunities are available for supplementary education, including flexible scheduling to allow you to attend Rock Valley College courses, the opportunity to complete Global University/Berean courses, etc.

We combine first-hand ministry opportunities with a purpose-filled curriculum, featuring classes taught by a number of Rockford First staff, including our Lead Pastor.

Our internship program offers internships in:

Executive Offices

The goal of the Rockford First Executive Ministries Internship is to provide executive ministry experience to those interested in local church ministry, to give the opportunity for up-close, life-on-life training, as well as personal discipleship and accountability, and to bring support to the day-to-day, practical ministry of Rockford First. One- and two-year internships available.


The goal of the Rockford First Events internship is to provide ministry experience to those interested in the behind the scenes coordination of ministry at Rockford First, including events and outreaches. The internship is designed to give practical experience along with personal discipleship & accountability. Both one and two year internships are available.

Kids Ministry

The goal of the Rockford First Kids Ministry Internship is to provide a program for people with a heart and calling towards working with children, either through secular vocation or full-time ministry. We provide an environment to learn, create, and develop programs and teaching structures. We take the philosophy of working with children beyond the books, into the classroom, and onto the stage. One and two-year internships are available.

Music Ministry

The goal of the Rockford First Music Ministry Internship is to equip future worship leaders and musicians with the tools needed to effectively run, operate, coordinate, and conduct a worship service and all it\’s aspects (including, but not limited to: choosing worship sets, arranging and transitioning songs, composing original songs, engaging an audience, and cultivating relationships within and outside your team). One- and two-year internships available.


The goal of the Rockford First Media Internship is to teach an understanding of the basic media needs of Rockford First and to play a major role in the execution of these needs. The needs include, but are not limited to, all publications, web, video, audio, and graphic arts used on behalf of Rockford First.

Productions – Technical

The goal of the Rockford First Production – Technical Internship is to educate the individual in all aspects of production in the local church atmosphere. Also, to provide experience in the aspects of studio recording for all types of projects. One- and two-year internships available.

Productions – Project Facilitation

The goal of the Rockford First Production – Project Facilitation Internship is to provide hands on behind the scenes experience on how to facilitate and execute all production and projects that are needed to help make Rockford First Sunday mornings happen with excellence. The project facilitation side of the internship is designed to give a first hand look at advertising, creative arts, and business management.

Student Ministries

The goal of the Rockford First Student Ministries Internship is to train and equip individuals in an environment of excellence, passion, and vision, who feel called to become pastors and leaders of middle school and high school students. Three-year internships available.

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