Current Message: Rescue

LIFE CAN BE DIFFICULT! It doesn’t matter who we are…sometimes life can leave us feeling confused, frustrated, hurt or fearful. During this series, we explore God’s solutions to some of life’s greatest challenges and discover hope is not lost. At some point in our lives, we will all need rescue.

In Week One of the Rescue Series, Pastor Jeremy exposes the truth that we see all the wrong things when we look in the mirror.  Listen in to this identity-changing message about what, because of Christ, we can see when we look into the mirror.

In Week Two of the Rescue Series, Pastor Jeremy exposes the roots of fear in our lives; we become the most fearful when we don’t understand God’s love for us. So how do we gain a deeper understand of His love?

In Week Three of the Rescue series, Pastor Jeremy reminds us that God has always been and swill always be ready, willing and able to be our strength during times of hardship.

What do you do when the burdens you are carrying are too much to handle on your own? God’s answer to this very real problem is simple, but counterintuitive. He said we are to then, in that weary moment, help someone else carry their burdens. He promised that this is the way, the only way, to refreshment and renewed life. In Week Four, Pastor Jeremy teaches how to live out this truth, because we have been rescued to become rescuers!

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